BR Locksmiths: 5 most common types of door locks

BR Locksmiths: 5 most common types of door locks

Door locks are a vital part of keeping your family, house and belongings safe. If you are thinking of having locks on your doors, you want the best lock system for the job. 

Here are the 5 most common types of door locks. Choose which one suits your door best and let our team at BR Locksmiths install it for you!

  1. Padlocks

Padlocks are portable, meaning they are not attached permanently to a door. They are classified into two types: keyed and combination. 

  • Combination

These padlocks have numbers or letters that can be turned. When lined into the correct order, the lock opens. These locks are handy because they do not require a key. If you need your friends or family members to access your home or room, you could just let them know the combination.

  • Keyed

A keyed padlock comes with a key that when inserted and turned, releases the lock. Most keyed padlocks have keys that cannot be released while the padlock is open. 

  1. Knob locks

These are the most common type of lock for most doors. These are located on the knob instead of the door. These kinds of locks should not be used on external doors as they can be easily broken by basic tools like a hammer or wrench.

  1. Deadbolt locks

These cylindrical locks are your best protection from burglary or break-in. It is operated by inserting a key into the cylinder. Below are the most common types of deadbolt locks:

  • Single cylinder – This type of deadbolt can only be locked from the external side of the door
  • Double cylinder – These locks have two cylinders and require a key to open both the internal and external sides of the door
  • Lockable thumb turn – This is a sort of hybrid between a single and double cylinder deadbolt.
  1. Barrel bolt

Barrel bolts are also known as sliding bolts. It is a single bolt that slides across the doorframe. Barrel bolts are typically seen on bathroom doors. it should never be used as your door’s primary security. Other people will fix two of these on their door, one at the top and one at the bottom for additional security. 

  1. Chain locks

These are similar to barrel bolts. A chain is fixed to the door while the catch is fixed on the door frame. To lock the door, simply slide the chain into the catch. You can still open the door just a few inches when the chain lock is in place. This will allow you to see who is outside without fully unlocking the door.

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