Types of Mechanical Locks

One of the helpful things that can make us feel more secure is mechanical locks. Usually, main doors are locked by this type of lock as they function easily. With the help of a lever, knob, key, or thumb turn, a door is kept closed until a certain release mechanism is activated. 

To help people feel more protected, mechanical locks have been included in the many BR Locksmiths services that we offer. Although these locks may be easily used, installing them is actually no joke as it requires a lot of stuff and time before it may be done. 

Although the purpose remains the same, what people may not know is that there are actually different types of mechanical locks that are available. With that, here is a quick guide to those lock types for you to identify what would work best for your needs. 

Tubular locks 

This type of lock is a bored lockset which has a spindle assembly that extends through the centre of the lock body and latch. This type of lock allows the latch to retract whenever the lever or knob is rotated. Said to be the least secure lock, this is the common type of lock that is just being used on interior doors.

Cylindrical lock 

This type of lock has its bolt locking mechanism that is kept in the installed portion through the cross bore. This lock also has a spring cage to lift the levers and keep it horizontal. These spring cages are the ones that lead up to the finished plate placed against the door. Usually, this type of lock is used for commercial purposes and some institutional applications. 

Interconnected lock

True to its name, the interconnected lock consists of two or more bolts which may either be operated simultaneously or independently. Although it may not be classified as a heavy duty type of lock, this is still usually used for commercial purposes such as in government offices and multi-family applications. 

Deadbolt lock (deadlock)

This type of lock has a bolt that requires a certain action in order to extend or resist the pressure whenever it is needed to be unlocked. The great thing about this type of lock is that it has a lot of options that are available and that it is considered to be heavy duty. With that, this is usually used for institutional purposes. 

Mortise lock 

This may be considered as one of the most common types of a mechanical lock. In fact, this is the lockset that can fit through the mortise in the edge of a door. Similar to deadlock, this type is also sometimes classified to be made with extra heavy duty quality. Aside from being commercially used, this type of lock is also considered by some to be the best type as it may be used for over 40 different functions. 

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