Locksmiths London Ontario: Security accessory must-haves

There’s nothing worst than facing problems while travelling in an unfamiliar place. You must keep in mind that trouble can be anywhere and you need to be cautious all the time. When travelling, you need to make sure that both you and your gear are safe. 

However, you don’t need to go overboard with security. Getting obvious safety gadgets on your luggage can attract more attention, which can make the safety accessories counterproductive. 

There are a few handy accessories that you can use to keep you and your stuff more secure without getting unwanted attention. Check out the list below before you go out for your next adventure!

Advance security accessories you should have

Safety is the first thing that you need to keep in mind when travelling, especially if you plan on going out of the country. Keep these safety accessories with you wherever you go to ensure that you’ll be out of harm’s way: 

  • Cable locks 

Cable locks are a versatile safety accessory that you can carry with you wherever you want to go. It enables you to lock the zipper of your luggage and even secure things such as a bicycle in a sturdy post. 

This kinds of lock come with a metal cable that can’t easily be tampered with. Even with sturdy materials, the cable is flexible enough to wrap around your equipment and secure it in its place. 

  • Money belt

The last thing that you want to do when travelling abroad is to put your money where it can easily get snatched. Keeping it in your backpack is a no-go since it’s out of your line of sight. The best way to secure your money is through a money belt. 

Money belts are kept securely around the waist so it is easier for you to notice if anyone is trying to get their hands on your money. Some money belts even come with a slash-proof and waterproof material. 

  • Slash-proof rucksack protector

If leaving your luggage in an unattended place makes you feel uneasy, then a slash-proof rucksack protector will put your mind at ease. This net-like material is made of metal which creates a mesh cover over your luggage. It also comes with a lock so you can secure it in its place while you’re not around. 

  • Travel door lock 

A travel door lock is a good way to secure that no one else will enter your room while you’re resting. It deters strangers from opening your door by jamming the locks. Moreover, it alerts you whenever someone tries to break in so you can call the authorities immediately. 

  • Safety alarm

Safety alarms create a high pitched ring that alerts passers-by about your situation. This is perfect to keep around in your pocket so you’ll receive immediate help in case you encounter problems in the streets. It can also startle an offender long enough for you to escape danger.