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When your home in London Ontario needs to get new locks and to get “special security treatment” you can be sure that we at BR Locksmiths can do the job right. When you need to count on the best brand in the locksmith industry, you can try our service, as we offer large selection of any lock and key service regarding your home and with the lowest service be sure that we are the cheapest in London. We offer mobile service throughout the London area and our locksmith brains are “full stoked” with creative ideas for your home security.

We are composed of a great team which currently range from London area and other nearby cities and towns and even far ranches from distance of 100 kilo away from London Ontario. People like to work with us because they know that when it comes to your home security, our experts know how to keep your property “clean” of burglary as well as psychological effects which can be a terrible feeling to you and your beloved ones.

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We Canadians and especially Ontarions live in a safe province, but when you think about your future you want to feel safe and to protect you home and your belongings. At BR Locksmiths we aware to the fact that security and safety of local property in London become a big concern for many in the area and Therefore we do our best not only to protect your self, but also to protect anything you own.

  • House lockout service 24/7
  • Lock re-key and installation
  • Emergency house service
  • Peepholes
  • Intercom system installation
  • Lock repair + Spare parts for all locks
  • Wide range of locks from simple locks to high security locks

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Home services we offer

  • 24/7 House lockout service
  • Lock re-key and installation
  • Emergency house service
  • Peepholes
  • Intercom system installation
  • Lock repair and spare parts for all types of locks
  • A wide range of locks from simple to high-end security

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Types of home locks

There is no doubt that the safety and security of homeowners is our top priority. That is why we offer different types of home locks that suit your price range! Explore the different home locks available and let us know which one suits you best. 

  1. Door knob locks

Door knob locks are probably the most common home locks you can find in the market. This is because clients usually have door knob locks for their bathrooms or pantries. Front doors are not only the doors that should be secured with a high-quality lock. 

For safety purposes, it is vital to remember that having locks on almost every door possible in your home is the best way to prevent your kids from walking into a hazardous room or keep unwanted guests from trespassing your private quarters. 

Door knob locks essentially have the locking mechanism built-in within the knob itself. Doors will be equipped with two knobs on each side. Depending on whether you want your door to be locked on both sides or just one, you can opt to have it built with a double or single cylinder respectively. 

Get in touch with our highly-skilled locksmiths who can do the job for you! 

  1. Handleset locks

Handlesets are popular home locks that involve installing a long handle on one side and a key slot or twist now on the other. These types of locks are usually found on front doors due to the wide range of handle designs you can choose from. Handleset locks add more charm to a big and plain door. It’s a good thing they are pretty simple to work with! 

What sets this type of lock from the rest is that it makes use of a deadbolt rather than a spring bolt for better security. The handles can come in many different materials with designs that can surely make your home look great from the outside. 

  1. Hand levers

Hand levers are another popular lock choice for doors inside your home like the bathroom or basement. The features are pretty simple with a small handle or lever on one side and a twist knob on the other. Hand levers don’t offer as much security compared to other locks but they do come in handy when you’re in a hurry! 

Hand levers have handles extending sideways, allowing you to quickly open the door with just one hand. At most, they are pretty easy to open with just your elbow if you’re carrying a lot of stuff and your hands are full. 

  1. Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks may look like door knob locks but don’t be fooled–deadbolt locks are built to give heavy-duty security for regular doors. They work with a separate mechanism from the door knob itself, giving you an extra boost of safety. Deadbolts are popular among clients who want to have both a door knob lock and a deadbolt to keep intruders away. 

Deadbolts help reduce the risk of forced entry through their built-in lock system that makes it almost impossible for intruders to break in a home or office. You can opt to use a single or double cylinder, depending on which side of the door you want to be kept locked. Deadbolts work well with other handles or levers and our trained locksmiths will help you choose one that is best suited for your home. 

  1. Barrel bolts

Barrel bolts, or sliding bolts, are built on the interior side of your doors to give you extra security on top of your main lock. This type of lock is commonly used in public bathroom cubicles or smaller doors. The lock features two parts: a metal holder attached to the door frame and main locking assembly attached to the door itself. 

The barrel or cylinder lock slides from the main locking assembly to the metal holder to keep the main door from opening. Barrel bolts don’t give that much security but they are useful if you want to keep simple doors or cabinets closed shut. If you have a cabinet or cupboard that you want to be kept shut, barrel bolts can be installed at the top and bottom of the frames for extra safety. 

  1. Chain locks

You have probably seen chain locks being used on popular TV shows or sitcoms. Perhaps you know someone who has one! This is because chain locks are extremely popular, especially in hotel rooms and flats. 

Chain locks feature a main locking assembly attached to the door and a catch attached to the door frame. The chain hangs from the catch and its knob slides through the main locking assembly. The main idea of a chain lock is to allow users to slightly open their doors without fully unlocking it. The chain keeps the door from opening completely, allowing you to greet a visitor. 

Only you can unlock the door from the inside by sliding the chain knob through the main locking assembly. This is also great if you need to ventilate your living room but we don’t recommend keeping your doors open even just the slightest when you’re not around. 

  1. Cam locks

Cam locks are not usually seen because they are small and commonly used for locking cabinets, cupboards, or lockers rather than main doors. Cam locks are simple: it features a flat or tubular mechanism that requires a key for it to be unlocked. The keys are usually smaller than most keys due to the size of the key holes. 

You can find cam locks primarily on safety vaults or mail rooms. Our locksmiths can help you decide on what size is best suited for your smaller compartments. 

  1. Padlocks

There are a lot of padlocks that cater to different levels of security that clients need. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and locking mechanisms. The classic padlock features a rectangular metal body and U-shaped bar. 

Padlocks have a lock and release system that keeps doors, windows, and even bags safe from opening. One end of the bar swings side to side in order for you to latch the bar onto a hole. Unlike most locks, padlocks are made to be locked into themselves. 

You can find padlocks with a rotating locking system or buttons that require a code for you to unlock the bar. Classic padlocks require a small key. Padlocks are also commonly used for lockers and luggages if you want extra security for your personal belongings. 

  1. Electronic locks

Electronic locks are probably one of the most advanced locking systems you can find in the market. Most electronic locks come with a touchscreen keypad or card slot that often requires a code to unlock. 

You can find these installed in high-end flats or homes that have a home security system installed in the entire house. Most of the time, electronic locks can lock your door automatically once you close it. Perhaps the most high-tech lock option you can find is an electronic lock that comes with a remote entry system that can unlock doors for known guests from the comfort of your own smartphone or laptop. 

More often than not. These types of locks can cost you a lot, depending on the range of security you want installed in your home. Most of the time, they are worth your money, especially when you have BR Locksmiths install them for you!