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For any Emergency situation in London Ontario, be sure that our customers from the big business to the the smallest bike lock repair job, you are in our first priority. At BR Locksmiths we understand how important is to offer our customers fast and professional service 24 hour a day and in addition to car and home service, we also offer commercial locksmith service anywhere in London Ontario. Our 24 hour Emergency locksmith in London Ontario are extremely trained and experienced in any aspect of emergency situation and you can rest assured that for any service related we can take action as soon as possible!

We believe that in emergency in north or south London Ontario, we are the right person you should count on. For us offering you emergency locksmith service 24 hour is not only about unlocking your car door, it is a bout a mission to keep you and your property safe and secure in London Ontario. As part of our emergency locksmith service, our techs provide you products for any needs and by using the latest technology in the locksmith industry we can ensure high quality of workmanship as well as high satisfaction.

  • Emergency car lockout 24 hour a day.
  • Master key extraction.
  • Commercial and residential service 24 hour.
  • Lock repair for both car and home.
  • High security locks for both door and window,

Why Hire Us?

  • Instead of drilling the lock, we just pick it.
  • Saving you both time and money.
  • We cover the entire London area.
  • We deal with emergency locksmith service for along time.

So if you are in need of emergency locksmith service in London Ontario, look no further as we offer you the fastest locksmith service 24 hour for lockout, lock change as well as lock re-key. During our service we value the safety of your property as well as your belongings and at the end of the service we will keep your home our business secure and by using our best locks for any need. Call London’s best Emergency locksmith 24 hour a day for more information!

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Different types of services locksmiths offer

There are different types of services available when you go to a locksmith. We often get BR Locksmith inquiries but the customers don’t know what they want or what they need. That’s why we are going to discuss their different services to be knowledgeable when calling BR Locksmiths. 


Locksmiths can cut any type of key from any lock type. It can be done by machine or hand-cut but it needs to be done with precision to be perfect. This is the most common and popular type of service that a locksmith offers.

Repair doors

This is the most unheard service that they can provide. Locksmiths can also repair, supply, and fit windows and doors for you. But before they can fix doors, a locksmith needs to be certified first.   

Safe problems

Did you know that you need a professional locksmith to install a safe at your home? They can supply, fit, repair, and open different sizes of safe for you. They will guide you through how to properly maintain your safe. You can also call them if you accidentally forgot your safe combination. 

Locksmiths can open different digital and dial safes and vaults.  

Car problems

If you lock your car and leave your keys accidentally you can call locksmiths to open your car for you. They can also give a duplicate key for your car. 

Control system access

Locksmiths are also trained to install different types of electronic control systems to prevent unauthorized users from entering your property. They install alarm systems in different commercial or residential areas. This includes alarm systems, intercoms, and CCTV. 

24/7 emergency locksmith services

If you locked yourself outside without a key. Locksmith companies provide emergency services to help you with your problems. This includes house and car lockout, spare key-cutting, and emergency rekeying.

Thank you for reading this, we look forward to helping you with your emergency.